It takes GUTS to learn, no matter how old you are!

GUTS: Generations Using Training for Social Inclusion in 2020

GUTS aims to increase social inclusion of younger and older generations. By using cultural learning and education and building on the strengths and competences of both generations, GUTS seeks to create solidarity and links between young and old. As this is not always easy, GUTS will create an intergenerational, co-creative cultural learning model and will formulate recommendations for socio-cultural workers, local and regional governments. These recommendations will be based on test cases, results from practical workshops and research.

The GUTS project will focus on developing, testing and implementing 10 innovative, intergenerational and co-creative cultural learning areas based on European desk research and a co-creative cultural learning model. As a result the outcomes of the 10 learning areas will be translated into an action manual for professionals and recommendations for policy makers.